Rental Inspection Program

The Borough is in full swing with the inspections for all residential rental units within the Borough. The inspections are being done in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 11, known as the Rental Properties Maintenance and Housing Occupancy Ordinance of the Borough of Dauphin.

A letter has been sent to all property owners of residential rental units requesting dates for inspections of all units. The purpose of the inspections are to make sure that the rental units meet the minimum requirements being safe and in good condition.

The Codes Enforcement Officer will be checking to make sure that the units are safe and sanitary, that they have working smoke detectors on every floor, that all of the windows and doors are in good working order, and that there are no other safety concerns such as electrical, plumbing, heating and so forth.

Information about the requirements of Chapter 11 can be found by logging onto the Borough’s website at and clicking on the Government tab, then click on the Code of Ordinances and scroll down to Chapter 11. Keep checking back to the website for the latest information on the rental inspection program.

Rental Unit property owners are reminded that they will need to file a new Status of Occupancy Report with the Borough within 15 days of any change in the status of tenants, such as move outs, move ins or any vacancies.

Frequently Asked Questions

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